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Thinking For Yourself

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Thinking For Yourself

Thinking For Yourself

The GDE frame work is a training matrix of The Goals for Driver Education BASED ON YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH which provides a structure for ADIs to work to. By working through all levels and columns of the GDE we are more likely to develop drivers who will be self aware, are able to reflect and evaluate their own driving once they have passed their test and are driving unsupervised. Below is the Goals for Driver Education matrix (Taken from Tri Coaching Partnership training material).

Thinking For Yourself

The 3 competencies of the matrix address the drivers knowledge and skills, their understanding of risk increasing factors of driving situations and self evaluation of their strengths and development needs at each level.

The first level – Level 1 deals with vehicle control skills.

Level 2 The road, develops the learner to be able to integrate with other road users.

These first two levels of the Matrix are dealing with facts, observations and remembering

Level 3 The journey requires more in depth thinking as the student learns to consider reasons for making a journey, route planning, possible distraction, passenger influence, eco driving and the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving ability.

The final level – Level 4 The person, requires still further higher order cognitive skills from the learner. whilst they learn to focus on how their thoughts, beliefs and personality shape their behaviour and driving behaviour particularly.

Thinking For YourselfLevel 3 & 4 encourage analysis, evaluation and critical thinking. Using Higher cognitive skills – In short being able to evaluate something, consider the risk, the need for development, and Formulation of an action plan.

Things such as planning a journey.

How you are going to deal with Road Rage?

Or what you will do when you feel tired whilst driving?

Driving instructors who facilitate learning from within (using level 3 & 4 of the GDE) encourage their students to think about and consider risk factors. Understand how their own thoughts, beliefs, motivations and feelings impact on their driving ability and behaviour.

This is core to our driving instructor training at Y2 Learn, and central to our coaching techniques used in our lessons. Coached students will become self aware, they understand about their choices and the consequences.

Which level of the GDE did your last driving lesson cover?

You don’t have to be a driver to start learning. At Y2 Learn we have developed our own Pre Driver Training Course. Which works through all levels of the GDE. These are interactive sessions where Pre drivers can have a taste of what it is going to be like to be a driver. In one of our recent sessions the Hartshill Explorers Group learnt about drink and drug driving. These video clips show them navigating obstacles whilst wearing ‘beer goggles’. Notice the very different styles of ‘driving’!

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